In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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The Barret M82, otherwise known as the Barrett .50cal, is a semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifle.


The Barrett .50cal appears as one of the three semi-automatic sniper rifles in the game.

It is seen in "F.N.G." on the weapons rack, along with all the other weapons in-game and is unusable.

It is then seen again in "One Shot, One Kill", being used by Lieutenant Price who was accompanied by Captain MacMillan in an attempt to assassinate Imran Zakhaev. This Barrett .50cal is mounted on a bipod and cannot be picked up. It has a variable zoom feature, allowing the player to zero in on a target, using movement controls (on the Wii version the weapon is controlled with the control stick/nunchuck rather than the remote), since player remains in prone position when wielding it. It also has unlimited ammo, very little recoil, and no scope sway. This is the only time that it is usable in the campaign.


In multiplayer, the Barrett .50cal is unlocked at level 49 and is the last sniper rifle unlocked. Like all sniper rifles, it can use an ACOG Scope attachment. It is tied with the Dragunov and R700 without Stopping Power, able to kill in one hit if shooting in the chest, neck, or head. It has the highest penetration of any weapon in multiplayer.

However, the Barrett .50cal also has a few disadvantages. Its firing sound is loud and distinctive and can give away the user's position. Also, it has very high recoil, but it always travels in the same direction, and the reticle quickly resets back on the initial point of aim. A good way to compensate for its high recoil is to treat it as a bolt-action rifle, and only fire when it has returned to its original position. Another huge disadvantage is the fact that the rifle itself is so long it often protrudes out of cover, giving the player's position away. Because of its very high damage, firing rapidly with this gun is not usually necessary, although it can be used as a last-resort in close quarters.

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