In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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The M1911 is a semi-automatic handgun. The M1911 .45 possesses night sights and a seven-round magazine.


The M1911 .45 is a starting sidearm in "Hunted ", "Shock and Awe", "The Sins of the Father", and "Game Over", but also appears in "War Pig", in which Marines sometimes draw it when their primary weapon runs empty while under fire. It can very rarely be found in "The Bog". If the "give all" console command is used in "Safehouse", an M1911 with much greater zoom than normal can be obtained.

In "Safehouse", Captain Price uses an M1911 .45 to execute Khaled Al-Asad after he is interrogated. In "Sins of the Father", Viktor Zakhaev uses an M1911 .45 to commit suicide after being cornered by Bravo Team.

In the level "Game Over", SSgt. Griggs is seen using a nickel plated M1911 .45 while dragging Soap to safety. A nickel-plated M1911 .45 can also be seen in the armory in the level "F.N.G.". The M1911 .45 plays an important role in "Game Over", when Captain Price slides his M1911 .45 across the bridge to Soap, who then proceeds to kill Zakhaev Zakhaev and his guards with the pistol.

The nickel-plated M1911's texture is of much higher quality than that of the standard M1911 seen in the majority of the game.


The M1911 .45 has stats that are similar to the USP. 45, except that it has a lower magazine capacity (The M1911 .45 has eight rounds, where the USP .45 has 12), less muzzle climb, and higher hipfire accuracy, leading to a pistol that has a very different play style than the USP .45. Like the M9  and USP .45, it can be fitted with a Silencer.

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