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Sergeant Wallcroft is a S.A.S soldier who served alongside Soap, Price, and Gaz during the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareHe appears in the mission "Crew Expendable". Wallcroft, Griffen and Gaz dropped down to the ship to retrieve a bomb headed to the Middle East after Soap and Price cleared the first wave of Russian troops. Wallcroft and Griffen were ordered to cover Price's back while the rest went into the ship. Before Price and the others could retrieve the entire bomb, Baseplate reported a MiG airstrike on the way. Wallcroft and Griffen fled to the safety of the evac chopper. Price requested an update on their status and they reported that they were already in the chopper but told the four to get out just as the MiG's opened fire. The four managed to escape the ship and the chopper brought the group back to London.
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